1. Become an advocate.

Advocates are the heart and soul of our organization, and we don’t have as many as we need. We are always in need of special, dedicated people to be the voice of our children. Getting more volunteer advocates is the only way we can serve all the children who need our help. Click here to find out how to become an advocate.

2. Donate money.

Every non-profit needs money to conduct business. We rely on several sources but most are not guaranteed each year. As you may have already read, we run primarily on a volunteer base, but money is needed for staff and overhead.

3. Volunteer for us.

We are often in need of volunteers to help us with events and initiatives. For example, sometimes we need people to sit at a store for us by a collection, stuff envelopes or do other necessary tasks in preparation for a big fundraiser. Just a little of your time will make a big difference to us as we are often short-handed.

Volunteers with specialized marketing, fundraising, and computer skills are also welcome.

If you have some time or a skill you would like to share, let us know!

phototasticcollage-2015-09-09-09-54-254. Run a fundraiser or collection.

Does your workplace support charities? Several companies allow us to provide a “lunch and learn” to tell their employees about our volunteer opportunities.   Some companies do collections for us, especially around certain holidays. Many companies will also do a donation match. Do you need a project for a child for school or other program? We often have children collecting money or doing gift collections for us. We also have adults that put a table up for us at organizations they are involved in, like religious, town  or work events, to spread awareness and promote donations.  Please consider CASA if you want to do something for a good cause.

5. Attend our events and participate in our programs.

Did you know that if you buy items on Amazon through AmazonSmile it can help Bergen County CASA? Did you know that we have shopping nights at local stores where a portion of the proceeds is donated back to CASA? Do you know that you can save money at Modell’s and benefit CASA? Did you know that linking your bank account to one of our bank affinity programs means that CASA gets money without it affecting your account in any way? Check our website often to see programs that can help CASA throughout the year as well as special events that are held throughout the year.

6. Spread the word.

Read our social media and share it! We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand soon Youtube. Sharing our posts means more people learn about how to help children in foster care.