nonameOn any given day in Bergen County, approximately 300 children are living in foster care. Imagine, 300 children who have suffered abuse and neglect, 300 children spending their childhoods moving from one temporary shelter to another, 300 children, each without a voice. Many of these children came into the world exposed to drugs, some with developmental delays and other health problems. Every time a child is moved from one placement to another, he or she loses six months of educational ground.

Today, in Bergen County, 125 CASA advocates are working to improved the lives of these children; 125 volunteers are working one-on-one with children in need of services; 125 volunteers are helping children in need of caring and consistent adults to speak up for their best interests in court.

In Bergen County, approximately one half of the children living in foster care, are without the dedicated advocacy of a CASA. There simply are more children in need than we have the volunteer or financial capacity to handle. We need more resources, and your help can make an important difference. Each one of those children need a “Circle of Light” surrounding him/her, made up of three people:

  • A volunteer to serve him/her
  • A staff person to train and supervise that volunteer
  • Donors to fund those services and make it all possible

It costs CASA for Children of Bergen County $2,000 per year to provide all three of those elements and create a Circle of Light for each child we serve. Pamela Butler, a former foster child, said it best “To give a child a CASA is to give them a voice. To give them a voice is to give them hope. And to give them hope is to give them the world.”

Help us reach out to a foster child in need of a CASA volunteer.

Event Sponsorship

This type of sponsorship coincides with our annual event in the spring. It is geared towards our biggest event of the year which is Casino Night. Click here to find out about Casino Night sponsorships in 2017.

Circle of Light Sponsorship

This is a NEW sponsorship program which gives these special sponsors year-round exposure and provides critical support enabling us to recruit, train and supervise advocate to serve the foster children who so desperately need our help. Please  contact  Ellen Davis at for information,

Click here for our Circle of Light Program.