On Monday, June 4th, the Bergen-Highlands Ramsey Rotary Club, graciously hosted Bergen County CASA at their weekly meeting.

After a generous lunch and a few business items, club President Paul Scarduffa, introduced Executive Director Ellen Davis, to the 28+ member group. Once Ellen concluded her brief overview of what CASA is all about, the lights dimmed and the short film Re-Moved began.

Re-Moved may only run for 12-minutes, but it’s paints a powerful picture of what it’s like to be a child making their way through the foster care system. Naturally, this served as an excellent catalyst for the stimulating discussion that followed.

While the film does feature many entities within the foster care system, the majority of it is concerned, naturally, with the emotional struggle of the child. Through her informative commentary and nuanced answers to the group’s questions, Ellen filled in the gaps.

To punctuate the meeting, the Rotary Club was shown a short video featuring adults who had not only gone through the system, but had a deeply formative connection with their CASA advocate. Their testimonies drove home the fact, that CASA advocates are not only instrumental in a child’s journey through the system, but necessary if they are to thrive after they exit it.

Recruiting and training volunteers as well as advocating for children during an incredibly vulnerable period of their lives are, of course, the main priorities of Bergen CASA. However, spreading awareness about the realities of the foster care system and the children involved with it, is a goal that runs directly parallel.

The members of the Bergen-Highlands Ramsey Rotary Club are all now informed, exemplary ambassadors of the CASA message. We extend a special thank you Paul, Tim, and all the Rotary Club members for being excellent hosts.

If your organization is interested in hosting Bergen CASA at a similar event or meeting,
please contact Connor Moriarty at communications@bergencasa.org.