How to Help Us Help Children in Foster Care

We realize how many incredible organizations and noble causes there are in our county, our state, and across the nation.

Please realize that a gift to CASA helps people in your own backyard. If you live in Bergen County your gift goes directly to help children in foster care in Bergen County.

Though our organization functions to a great degree because of our volunteers, we do have some necessary operating costs.  Since we have to be in compliance with National CASA Association and the NJ Administrative Office of the Courts, our staff provide the necessary detailed documentation to keep our children safe. Our staff also recruit, screen, train and supervise our volunteers. Thanks to the generosity of the Bergen County Executive and the Bergen County Freeholder Board, we have space in their building at a very low cost. However, we do have the usual costs of running an office.

Although the number of children living in out-of-home placements is constantly changing, only one-third to one half of the children who are deemed by a judge to need a CASA are provided one through Bergen CASA. Our goal here in Bergen is to serve EVERY child who needs a CASA, and we can’t do that without your help.

Donate Money

We will put your money to good use! Money, even spare change, gift cards, all are welcome. We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Match your Gift

Many companies offer matching gifts. So, as an employee when you make a donation you can submit a form and your company may match it. If you need help filling out your form, we will be glad to help you. Keep in mind that companies have different policies for Matching Gifts requests, some accept them until the end of the calendar year and others have shorter deadlines, so check with your company for specific details.

Tribute Gifts

You can give a gift to someone and also help Bergen County CASA. Just call or email our office, and we will send a beautiful card to the recipient of your choice saying how you gave a gift to Bergen County CASA in their name. Any amount can be given. This is a great idea for friends and family in your life that you know appreciate the work of Bergen County CASA, or perhaps for someone that you think would be interested in learning more. 

Donate Gifts

Gifts and Items for Children in Foster Care:

Holiday Toy Drive – Contact Lauren to find out more about our Holiday Toy Drive and how you can participate- Collection starts November 1st
Gift cards for our Aging-Out Teens (movies, clothing stores, grocery stores, etc.)- Year round
Books for all ages (New, not used) – Year round
Personal Care items (shampoo/conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, body lotion, soap, etc.) – Year round
Coloring books, crayons and board games – Year round

Wish List Items:

Office supplies (printer ink, copy paper, stamps, binders)
Frequent flyer miles to allow CASA staff to attend annual National CASA Conference
Office furniture (file cabinets and drawers)
Passes to movies, museums, and restaurants to be used for a donation for our main fundraising event.


Contributions to Bergen County CASA are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We are a registered 501c3 organization. Contact your tax advisor for specific information.