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Judith McGuinness

Dilemma 1

Crux of the Dilemma: Should you pick up the prescriptions and also get a milkshake for the client?

Potential Consequences: You don’t want it to become a habit that the grandfather asks you for transportation considerations. I would not pick up a milkshake, it’s too personal. You don’t know the girl, her allergy situation, and it doesn’t seem professional.

One Possible Solution: I may make a stop to pick up the medication but be very clear to the grandfather about boundaries and transportation rules.

Dilemma 2

Crux of the Dilemma: Finding out if Ms. Jones has violated a court order by allowing her boyfriend in her apartment while Johnny is there.

Potential Consequences: If she has violated the order, then you need to report it and Johnny might be sent back to foster care. If she hasn’t violated the order and you seem too suspicious of her it could possibly ruin your good relationship and she would be less likely to be cooperative in the future.

One Possible Solution: I would call one more time that day and say that you will be coming by the apartment the following day after school, that way you are covered by leaving the message and whether she calls back or not, still go to the apartment the following day. Speak to Johnny alone to see how he is doing and if he has seen his mother’s boyfriend. Also I would inquire about Ms. Jones’ boyfriend to her pointedly, not specifically asking if he had been in the apartment, but possibly about he is doing on his court-ordered services or when the last time she had seen him was, to get a sense if she is telling the truth.

Dilemma 5

Crux of the Dilemma: Swear to keep Michele’s secret or not?

Potential Consequences: You keep the secret, the children go back home, Michele leaves her job and the family cannot survive on public assistance so the children re-enter foster care. You don’t keep the secret and the children don’t come home at all at that time.

One Possible Solution: I would never “pinky swear” at my age. I would tell Michele that I can’t keep secrets with her but would encourage her to share her secret and hopefully help her to figure out a way in which to keep her income and have the children come home