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Amy Aynedjian

Dilemma 1
Crux of the dilemma:
To pick up prescriptions for Susan or not!
Potential Consequences:
Thinking that picking the prescriptions up sets a bad precedent since in the description it says “you are on your way to your very first visit with Susan”
If this happened during the duration of your case after building somewhat of a relationship with Grandpa and Susan; I think the circumstances would be a bit different. Grandpa seems to be very forward about asking you, someone he doesn’t really know as of yet for a favor . The milkshake idea made me laugh and once again if you already had a working relationship with Susan and Grandpa, you would know that Susan loves chocolate milkshakes as a treat once and a while!

One possible solution would be to tell Grandpa that Susan probably isn’t feeling well enough for a visit and we should reschedule for another day. Also mention that most pharmacies deliver and ask him if you can help him with that. Finally, wish Susan well and tell Grandpa that you are looking forward to meeting them soon!

Dilemma 2
Crux of the dilemma: Is Ms. Jones violating the court order to not have her boyfriend anywhere near her son,
Johnny? You want to check in because you’re concerned that the boyfriend is at the apartment while Johnny is present .
Potential consequences to the child is permanent removal.
Since he has only been back with his mom for 3’weeks,
Johnny is still acclimating to his return and it seems unfair to remove him once again, however if Mom is violating the court order that is what will occur.
One possible solution is to be honest and ask Ms.Jones what is happening because she needs to be asked upfront what’s going on in her relationship with her boyfriend and positively reminded that she can only have Johnny living with her if her boyfriend stays away from the apartment.

Dilemma 5
Crux of the dilemma: Michelle reveals that she is expecting and wants you to keep it a secret as she will have to leave her job to have the baby and the return of her 4 Kids impinges upon her maintaining employment .
Potential consequences if you don’t report this to your CASA supervisor are that the kids will be returned based on a lie that she will maintain her steady job. If you divulge her secret ; yes, she will be upset however the children won’t be falsely returned only to be taken again in a few months when the truth is discovered.
One possible solution is if possible ask to set up a Family Team Planning Meeting and discuss the issues at hand for example her stress levels at all four children returning home and allowing her to inform the team that she is indeed expecting number five!