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Cathy Skinner

dilemma 1
CRUX: whether to pick up medication or not/whether to buy the girl a milkshake
POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES: allowing the grandfather to manipulate and ask for favors, when doing this is too personal. In addition, the milkshake (although nice) would be far too personal and inappropriate for a CASA volunteer
POSSIBLE SOLUTION: explan to the grandfather that this is not allowed in our guidelines – but insist to help him figure something out. A delivery service or asking the pharmacy to facilitate would be potential options.

dilemma 2
CRUX: Ms Jones is violating her court order by allowing her boyfriend near Johnny
POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES: Johnny could end up back in foster care. If you’re too invasive and visit without a phone call, Ms. Jones may not trust you any more.
POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Tell Ms. Jones when you’re speaking with her in the grocery store that you’ve tried to call several times and would like to see her in the next couple of days. Set up an appointment then and there. While there, make sure she absolutely understand the consequences
if the boyfriend is around.

dilemma 5
CRUX:to tell Michelle’s new of impending pregnancy or not?
POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES: You run the risk of losing Michelle’s trust; yet Michelle runs the risk of ending up in the same spot due to lack of ability to support and care for her children
POSSIBLE SOLUTION: I would tell Michelle that I can’t possibly “pinky swear”. Although I care for her a great deal, her children’s well being is my first and foremost concern.