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Anastasia Warden

Hi – my answers are going to seem “wishy-washy” as I don’t yet know all the ins and outs of this role nor all of the rules but I’ll do my best.

Dilemma 1:
Do I pick up the prescription? Do I give in to my generous nature and pick up a milkshake for the child?
Assuming I’m allowed to pick up the prescription (given no one from the family is in the car with me,) I would do so. I’d do it for any friend or someone unable to get to the pharmacy. Though I know I would be tempted to pick up something a little extra for the child, I know it is not allowed in the CASA / Child relationship and would resist the temptation.
If I’m not allowed to pick up the prescription or if the relationship has already begun to feel like I am being used too often as an errand person, I would try to work out with the grandfather a way for him to make other arrangements to pick up the prescription – making sure I was comfortable that the prescription would be picked up in a timely fashion as I would not want the child to suffer from pain any longer than absolutely necessary.

Dilemma 2:
Do I immediately try to suss out if the boyfriend is violating the court order preventing him from being in the house with the child? How far will I go to do that?
I think it would be pretty judgemental and unfair of me to assume based on an observation made in a parking lot that the mother was violating the court orders. In addition, she is owed privacy and I would want to maintain what I assume to be a good relationship with her – I would not want any action of mine to cause her to be less willing to share important information about her chid with me. Having said all that, is it unusual for her to be hard to reach? Why didn’t I mention in the grocery store that I’ve been trying to reach her? I agree with Cathy – I would have tried to set up an appointment (or scheduled a phone call) in the grocery store. And, despite the fact that I hope I wouldn’t assume the boyfriend has been invited into the house with Johnny, it would become more urgent in my mind to have a visit with Johnny in his home setting.

Dilemma 3:
Do I report Michele’s pregnancy?
From the passage, it seems that having a steady job is a requirement for her children to return to her home. As many others replied, I would not have given a promise to keep Michele’s secrets. I am her child’s advocate not hers – though of course, I must represent her fairly! It would seem to me that I would be negligent if I did not include this information in my case notes. The passage indicates I have a great relationship with Michele – hopefully, this would allow me to explore options for her in terms of employment (collecting unemployment?) and childcare options once she is ready to go back to work after the baby’s birth.