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mindy felixbrod

Dilemma 1:
crux:To pick up grandpa’s prescription as a favor and to buy a milkshake for the Susan as a way of creating rapport.
Potential consequences: Both activities set expectations that may not be regularly met.
One possible solution: I would probably pick up Grandpas RX and then sit and try to help him figure out the best way for him to get regular delivery service or another means of solving his errands. I wouldn’t start a relationship with Susan with a milk shake. I would want her to focus on me and what the true Value of a CASA is. Maybe once established, it would be much more appreciated and not expected.

Dilemma 2:
Crux: Seeing Mrs Jones with her boyfriend at a grocery store and wondering if she is following court orders by keeping him out of the apartment with Johnny there.
Potential consequence: Not sure what benefits and progress that Mrs Jones has made will be in jeopardy if she violates court orders. Losing Johnny? the apartment?
One possible solution: She is not forbidden from seeing her boyfriend and his restriction is dependent on fulfilling court ordered services. I would just note it.
If I felt it necessary to visit again, I would feel more so now and try again to call- I would hope that I would get the information I am looking for by directly asking the mom and the child.

Dilemma 5:
Crux: Maintaining trust with mom concerning her future employment as it relates to her 4 children.
Potential Consequence: Her children will not be allowed to return home
One possible solution: I think her children’s welfare is on the line and I think shuffling them back and forth is not a good thing for kids. I wouldn’t agree to keep that secret and try to explain to her that the situation will be even more stressful than she originally anticipated. Perhaps she is revealing this bc she wants the truth out?