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Suzanne Doll

Dilemma 1:
Crux- To pick up prescription, which is needed, and a milkshake to engage Susan.
Because this is my first case, I would defer to my training and follow protocol. If picking up the prescription is within the scope of being a CASA volunteer, I would do so. If not, I would determine if the medications could be delivered or some other way to get them to Susan. If buying a CASA youth a milkshake is within the role of a CASA volunteer, I would ask permission of the grandfather first as I would not know if the child has any allergies. I also would not want to overstep my boundaries with the family.
Dilemma 2:
Crux: To determine if Ms. Jones is violating her court order and having contact with her boyfriend by confronting her/visiting without an appointment.
Confronting Ms. Jones unexpectedly could tarnish my relationship with Ms. Jones and she may not trust me. I always believe it is best to address situations and be honest. I would call Ms. Jones and directly discuss with her what I saw and explain my concerns with her. She saw you at the store, so she knows you may have seen something. I would then schedule a meeting with Johnny being transparent with Ms. Jones.
Taking Jessie out for dinner for her birthday.
First, I would have to determine if this is within the role of a CASA advocate. If not, then I would try to determine another way to fulfill her birthday wishes, maybe another worker can take her, maybe she can have take out. If is is within the role of an advocate, I would discuss my plans with my supervisor and if it deemed ok, I would then ask Jessie if she wants to go with me before making plans to go.