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Alondra Palacios

Attachment develops intensely throughout the first 3 years of life. When it comes to a 2 year old child, the importance and need for a strong bond is at its peak. It is not impossible to create attachment after the age of 3 but it does become more difficult. They are also just starting to grasp the concept of speech and how it helps communicate their needs. When a child is 7, they are more aware of what is going on but may not understand why. It would be beneficial that a child would be told what is happening in terms they can understand. They understand the difference between right and wrong. At 15, the adolescent shows more independence but it definitely does not mean they don’t need guidance. It’s important to continue to provide the necessary resources the adolescent needs in order to thrive as a adult. Although the developmental milestones are different at each age, it is vital that all developmental milestones are met.