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Anastasia Warden

Like Fran, I hope I made some sort of contact with Jane on or near her birthday.

It’s easy to be flip in a text message and text messages can easily be misinterpreted. This is a pretty serious statement from Jane and, if possible, I’d like to respond to this text via a telephone call if not during the next in person visit. In person (or by phone) I can try to pull out of Jane what she is missing that she thinks a mom and dad would give her – stability? affection? etc…. I’d also like to know what pain she is specifically trying to numb with money – has something new come up or is this general sadness that stems from her situation.

I also agree wth Fran that I’d like to know if there is anything in particular she would like (to get a better sense of her needs) or whether she would enjoy the freedom of being able to choose for herself – it is my understanding that her birthday wish would be forwarded to the appropriate department within the foster care system to be honored as best as it could be.