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Amy Aynedjian

Jane is covering up the pain for real!
I would start by asking what she did on her birthday and did she talk to any family members? I know we can’t do gifts, but I’m hoping we can make sure the resource parents are encouraged to celebrate her birthday in some shape or form. Ask Jane what exactly she would buy with an Amazon card and why she thinks money will help?
Hoping to squelch the idea that money can buy you love from other people . Since we are not told how old Jane is I’m assuming she’s a teenager and is frustrated living away from her bio family . I would definitely hope not to wait three weeks for this series of texts and would contact the resource parents and the caseworker to see how Jane is doing without giving too Much detail about her texts. I’d also check in with her therapist I’d she is seeing one and encourage frequent visits !
It sounds like she is going through a time of reflection on how a supportive mom/dad could help her and that would encourage me to work hard for her to find a permanent housing solution
Where she can feel supported and loved!