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Shama Thakkar

Dilemma 1:
In order to avoid breaking CASA rules and overstepping boundaries, I’d seek and figure out with the grandparents a way for him to make some plans to pick up the medication, and be sure I felt confident that the medicine will be picked up in a timely fashion, as I wouldn’t want the child to endure the discomfort any more than completely required.

Dilemma 2:
I’d call one more time that day to indicate that the following day I will be stopping by the apartment to ensure that I cover my bases by leaving the message. Additionally, I would speak to Johnny alone to see how he is doing and notice/observe any of his behaviors. I would also kindly ask about Ms. Jones’ boyfriend, and determine how to proceed depending on the response.

Dilemma 3:
I wouldn’t have made Michele a guarantee to protect the secrets.