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Peter Manuel

I would recommend that Marky continue to live with his parents as long as they understand that they must meet certain conditions. Marky may not be suffering from abuse, but the reported bruises might suggest otherwise and his teacher should be consulted often for further indications. His mother should be warned about hitting him, that Marky could be taken from her if it is determined that she is physically abusing him. Meanwhile, Marky’s basic MSL seems to be met, and he seems to be relatively well adjusted, speaks favorably of his parents, and gives no indication of wanting to separate from them. However, he is clearly suffering from neglect. His situation requires monitoring: parents, teachers, SW. Judy should be in some sort of counseling or therapy, and arrangements must be made to ensure that she is properly medicated, if she is bipolar. Somehow, the Greenes must be enjoined to maintain basic hygiene in their trailer, including using the shower. I would not necessarily explore options of moving Marky to the care of other relatives at this point.