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Anastasia Warden

I really really wouldn’t want to but, based on the information given, I would recommend he be placed in care. There are several recorded instances where the parents met minimum requirements (clean clothes, vaccination, food in the house) only once backed against the wall. I think, as mentioned by others, both parents should be evaluated for mental illness. Judy clearly suffers trauma from her own childhood experience and Roy seems to enable her destructive patterns. Roy may have a gambling problem based on Marky’s own answers. I have no doubt that Judy and Roy love Marky but they are unable to prioritize his needs appropriately. With regard to the bruises, it seems likely to me that Marky spends a lot of time unsupervised and those bruises could be the result of dangerous play. I also consider Marky’s fatigue a very real sign of neglect and do not see his current home situation changing enough, quickly enough to allow him proper rest (and security.)

Another concern is Marky’s current school setting. Do his parents know he is in a special ed class? Why has no further testing been done to drill down to Marky’s actual learning disability? The lack of order in his home is also affecting his schoolwork as his homework goes missing. (I actually found some of the comments from the School Nurse and Teacher more shocking than those from his parents.)

Finally, I think that placement in a resource home would allow Marky the space and support he needs to do his job – be a third grader. I think with him out of the home his parents may do the work necessary to develop habits that create a home setting allowing for reunification.