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Cathy Skinner

Although I do believe Markys parents love him deeply, their history does not bode well for them keeping him – UNLESS they get services. First on the list, I believe the mom needs to get therapy/medication for her bipolar disorder. I don’t think she means to neglect Marky. But, her condition does not allow her to focus on his needs. She has the highs and lows of this disease. During the highs, she’s manic. During the lows, Marky is taking care of HER! The fact that they had another child taken away speaks volumes. Again, I don’t think its intentional, just a product of her disease.

As for school, it seems to me that because of the trauma at home, Marky is not getting the rest and nutrition he needs to concentrate and excel in school. Poor diet, hygiene and lack of respectable clothing all contribute to a feeling of isolation amongst his peers.

If placed in a resource home temporarily, i believe Marky’s mental and physical health would improve with the access to proper care and attention to his educational needs . In addition, if it was mandated that his mother get help-i think that could solve many problems and lead to reunification