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Amy Aynedjian

I would recommend that Marky stay in the home as long as the improvements continue with Mom getting Regulated on medication and given her own therapy. She does suffer from the highs and the lows of her disease and Marky at a young age seems to understand her need to be taken care of . Dad admits that “I just don’t know if Judy can take it” that maybe referring to the caregiving required to keep Marky home with them. Dad needs to spend more time at home. He definitely escapes through work and poker.
I believe they can keep it together if they continue to receive intervention from outside resources and commit to maintaining a relatively healthy environment for Marky. I’m recommending a regular bedtime routine with an earlier bedtime and he should be receiving breakfast and lunch at school so he will only need one meal prepared at home in the evening. This family needs to be carefully watched by The caseworker and Monica. The budget sounds positive and maybe Judy could leave the trailer to meet with a social group in order to meet her needs to get out of the trailer.
Marky needs to keep meeting with the mentor and school needs to have the child study team properly diagnose what I believe to be a learning disability which a reading specialist Should be able to assist with not a sentence to special ed class forever.