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Suzanne Doll

At this time, I believe Marky should remain in the home, but only with additional services in place. Mom needs to be in treatment for her bi-polar disorder/trauma history. She may benefit from medication and needs to comply with treatment recommendations. Dad needs to have a random drug screen/substance abuse evaluation as he may have a drinking problem based on Marky’s report. In addition, dad may also have a gambling problem and may need intervention as money appears to be an issue for the family. I would also like to talk to Marky’s mentor, Mr. Smith, and get his impression of Marky’s overall development. The school needs to evaluate Marky and update his IEP as usually there are standard time frames for re-evaluations. I was concerned regarding the schools response to Marky’s situation as he is bullied in school. An advocate may be beneficial to ensure Marky’s academic needs are met. Marky also needs his own therapy and mom/dad need to make sure he attends appointments.

If the family is given the opportunity to follow through with recommendations and does not, then I would be in favor of removal as the family has a history of noncompliance. I would also be sure to engage the family in the process as this family also seems to have a history of moving, which may be how they deal with what they perceive as “interference in their life”.