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Fran Waller Robertson

Marky Greene has been forced to be responsible much too young. He is burdened with parents that might be caring for their own needs more than his. Does the dad’s pay go to gambling and nothing left for food and proper hygiene (Soap/toothpaste/shampoo/ cleaning supplies?) The parents might need a financial person to advise them how and on what to spend their money. Clothing for their son as well. Mom needs medical attention for her mood swings. Medication might help that.
We need to encourage Marky to express his own concerns about his living conditions. Food at home Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Does he realize what time he should be going to bed even without parental guidance. I realize that he loves his parents but it is not ok for him to be tired and unkempt. What does he do when he is not in school?
He has a lot of family questions 1) sister taken away by CPS 2) Uncle never sees, does he have cousins other uncles aunts? 3) A grandmother that is not dead but alive. Does he remember her. It is hard to get where his head is at and does he have questions that he would like answered/explained?