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Judith McGuinness

Aunt Consuela:
Is she willing to adopt Maria? Would she want to adopt the two younger siblings also? What type of “help” does she need from Maria in El Salvador? Is she aware of Maria’s medical history and be able to meet her medical needs? What would the living arrangements be? (Sharing bedroom, enough space, who else lives in the house}

Mrs. B:
What is the relationship like between your daughter and the girls? Are you and your husband looking to adopt the girls? Are you aware that Maria and her sisters are Catholic and have you asked their view on church-going? Are you aware of Maria’s medical issues and willing to provide her assistance in getting a medical examination?

Ms. Mansfield:
How is Maria doing in school? Is she adjusted well? How feasible is it that she would be able to enter the military? Do you know what the requirements would be besides scoring well on the ASFAB?