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Judith McGuinness

Not the specific Amarillo case? I’m just going to do a general case.

1. Meet or speak with the DCP&P worker and obtain all relevant documentation if possible (background information)and thoroughly review.
2. Transfer the background information into a new blank court report, as mentioned in training.
3. Request a psychological assessment if one has not been done as yet, or if there has been one, follow up with recommendations to make sure they are being adhered to.
4. If there hasn’t been a medical assessment in the past 6-12 months, request one or follow up if one has already been requested.
5. Make appointment to meet with teacher/guidance counselor to make sure the child’s educational needs are being met.
6. Meet with resource parent when child is not there to see if there are any issues that the resource parent is aware of.
7. Meet with the child, introduction, age appropriate interview.