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Amy Aynedjian

My first six steps of working a case would be:
1. Read and become familiar with the case history.
2. Formulate questions for my
Interviews and figure out whom I want to interview first.
3.Make phone calls setting up appointments and interview whomever is available at that time preferably the child or the person who made the initial report leading to removal ie a teacher or school nurse or neighbor or babysitter.
4. Begin filling in information for my court report soon after setting up interviews and opening the case on Optima filling in Contacts and background .
5. Interviewing the child using an age appropriate game and well formed questions such as “ how is school going ?”
“ have you had any contact or visits with relatives such as parents,
Siblings, aunts or uncles? “
Depending on age of the child “how do you like living here?”
“Why is it different or the same as living with your family?”
6. I would assess medical, educational, psychological needs and hopefully after meeting with the CPS worker , the school , the resource parent, the therapist (if there is one), the biological parent and start filling in my court report eventually asking myself “have I covered every need of the child?” “Are there any other relatives who could take the child?” “What are the immediate barriers to reunification?”