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Amy Aynedjian

Aunt Consuela:
Maria tells me you need her help… what type of help are you looking for?
How would you make sure Maria gets the medical care she needs for her diabetes (insulin, cgms, insulin pump and or needles) are you aware she has asthma and would your housing environment prevent her from relapses … is your home carpeted? Do you have any animals in or around your home that might trigger Maria’s asthma?
What type of school will Maria attend if she lives with you? Catolicas?

Miss Mansfield
Maria speaks highly of you and trusts you… In which living situation do you think Maria would thrive ? Her current placement with the Beckers? Or would moving to El Salvador to live with her aunt be better? Or would she be better placed
With the Valdezs, I’m sure she’s told you how she feels about each home.
She expresses an interest in military service … was there an assembly at school that encouraged
Her to think about this ? Would you recommend her joining the military?
Has she discussed the Becker’s with you at all? She seems to not get along with their daughter , did she indicate any specific difficulties there ?

Wow, you have your plate full with two little ones,
Your own daughter and Maria. Have you and your husband considered adopting the girls? What do you know of Maria’s medical needs? How do you assist her with them? Does she comfortably discuss her diabetes and asthma with you?
Is there a reason that Maria cannot attend the local Catholic parish? She could probably walk there from your house to attend mass.
When Maria returns from visiting the Valdezs does she seem different ? And in what way? Happier? Sad? Withdrawn?