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Amy Aynedjian

Pros of KLG
-Parents rights are not terminated there is still a possibility of reunification
-child retains name given by parents at birth … this one affects me the most as my sister was adopted by my stepfather so her surname was legally changed to his. I retained my deceased fathers surname and that made me feel emotionally connected to my fathers side of the family especially when I became my paternal grandmothers caregiver as paperwork seemed easier since we shared a surname .
-if the Kin has a strong family
Connection I think the child will be raised as close to the family as if she/he were still
Living with the parents .
Cons of KLG
-longevity of agreement is only as long as KLG can physically handle care and custody for example a grandparent can have medical issues which could create a return to DCP&P or parent
Parents retain certain rights which can hinder relationship with KLG and future plans for child/ren
-there is no child care provided if child is not school aged.
-adoption seems to provide a more stable, permanent alternative and legal security when problems arise.