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Anastasia Warden

Aunt Consuela –
How many people live in your home? In what ways would you expect Maria to “help?” While helping you in the home, would Maria still have the ability to finish her education? How will you ensure she receives proper treatment and monitoring for both her Type 1 diabetes and Asthma? What opportunities do you think are available in your community for Maria after she finishes her education?

Mrs B –
Maria’s religious and cultural background differ from your family’s background. In what ways are you willing to support Maria’s Catholic faith? In what ways can you support her relationship with the Valdez family, in particular Lourdes? How do you perceive your daughter’s relationship with Maria? How would you like that relationship to look like? Are you willing to commit to adoption of Maria?

Ms Mansfield –
Is Maria an active member of her school community (Clubs? Friends? Attendance?) Do you think she is a strong candidate for the armed forces program available to her after high school? What has Maria shared with you regarding her feelings of the different religious culture pressed on her in her current placement?