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Anastasia Warden

I’m also not sure if the writing prompt refers to “any case” or the “Amarillo case.” I’ve created a list of steps to begin a general case:

1. Read all case documentation and develop a list of questions and interviews I would like to pursue.
2. Meet with the child and use age appropriate techniques to get an initial read on the child’s current status – does the child seem well adjusted in the current placement.
3. Interview the resource parent(s) to see how educational, medical and any psychological needs are being supported by the resource parent.
4. Interview the school counselor and teachers (if applicable) to a get a sense of the child’s ability to successfully engage in classroom activities and requirements.
5. Try to make contact with the Bio parents. What obstacles, if any, are they encountering while trying to fulfill requirements for reunification?
6. Begin creating a court report – knowing that through that process it should become clear what next steps or interviews I should perform.