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Amy Aynedjian

If I was made aware that the bio parent on my case has a mental illness I would definitely want to interview someone familiar with the parents Medical/mental history.
I would recommend a psych evaluation and treatment/counseling and if they were off their medications I would recommend the court to order parent to Disclose daily
Medications and if they are regularly taken which doesn’t seem like an easy task as people can lie or take medications when they feel the onset of severe symptoms instead of daily maintenance.
As we read Marky’s case his Mom did suffer from Bipolar disorder and we were made aware that her disorder affected how she parented Marky.
When she was emotionally high she was a “fun” parent and when she was low she didn’t feel like getting out of bed so Marky was forced to act like a parent and take care of her .
Mental illness is a complicated situation and can not be treated lightly.