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Amy Aynedjian

I would review the child’s
Case history including any medical/psychological input from physicians and familiarize myself with the diagnosis. My interviews with therapists would hopefully reflect intelligent questions that pertain to the diagnosis of the child . For example, In your medical opinion is the child receiving the proper medications at the proper dosages at the proper time of day !
At times it can be vital to take the medications at a particular time of day in order for the child to feel the full effect of the meds. I know parents with ADHD sometimes take their children off meds on long school vacations and summers so it would be important to make sure the child can function properly with the medications that they are taking . We also discussed how sometimes children are over medicated and need more therapy whether it be trauma or behavioral. We are a society quick to put children on medication when maybe a child can receive help in other perfectly healthy ways. As a CASA of a child with mental illness I would want to see the whole picture before righting up my court recommendations. Definitely visiting the child at different times and checking in with school to see how they react in a school setting.