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Suzanne Doll

An educational advocate is a strong advocate for a child/adolescent within the educational system, knows education laws and/or how to access the laws, will contact school staff for information and attend important school meetings. The advocate will keep the child’s educational needs in mind and will be able to address issues or concerns with the school/school district, bio family/resource family and other service providers and caseworkers if necessary.
When on a case, I would speak to anyone involved with the child’s education directly or indirectly including teachers, Guidance Counselors, School social worker/psychologist, members of the Child Study/CSE team, school nurse, support staff and administration, depending on the situation. I would need information regarding the child’s academic performance (grades/test scores/GPA etc), attendance (late/sick), and behavioral concerns (disciplinary actions) as well as the child’s adjustment to the school environment to include in my report. I would also try to attend or request IEP’s or a copy of any educational evals completed, including a psychological eval if completed by the school.