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Anastasia Warden

While I am not certain how much of the case notes we have been given has been fabricated, I have been struck by how often it seems this piece of the child’s life is less monitored / valued? I would consider it a major job of mine as a CASA (separate from an assigned education advocate which I understand to be a whole separate individual) to ensure that the child has the correct class placement, the resources (crayons, laptop etc…) needed to ensure the child begins on a level playing field, and any evaluations required should there seem to be a significant disparity between the child’s competency level and national / state standards. In addition, I would want to collect data from teachers, any school counselors, the school nurse and possibly the principal depending on the size of the school. What are the rules / policies of this school? Will previous experiences of the child make it difficult for them to be compliant? If the school is new to the child, what steps have been taken to engage the child with other children? I would also hope to get a sense of what the child’s strengths may be from the education professionals — is he a particularly good artist? is she a particularly fierce competitor? Does he do better with closed-ended or open-ended assignments? This information could help me come up with recommendations for programs / strategies that help support the child.

To write the education section of the report, I would need to collect data regarding the child’s social and academic performance at the school. Any IEPs or disciplinary issues should be mentioned. Is the child attending regularly? Do they seem ready (fed, clean, awake) for the school day in general?