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mindy felixbrod

Both of my daughters had accommodations in school. The oldest was tested and qualified in high school with the help of her guidance counselor and the main case manager at school and was given an IEP. Once that was accomplished she was also given a lot of leniency in seeing her guidance counselor as needed throughout the year. It was very helpful and it followed her into college. The other simply held a team meeting with her teachers in high school and asked for even playing fields. She self advocated for extra time due to reading comprehension and was well received by her teachers and given the accommodation which also followed her into college. These examples taught me how to advocate for education and I realize it should have been much earlier in order to change the trajectory. Without informing the school and teachers, there can be huge misunderstandings. I would hope and have found that they are cooperative and helpful when asked and they have something to offer. Grades, medical history and background would all facilitate the process.