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Amy Aynedjian

Educational Advocacy is very important to the children we serve. Their lives are in upheaval yet they should have an on track schooling career.
They may have started school later in life Which can cause social anxiety and parents of peers to fear the older child in the grade making them social outcasts. As a CASA I WOULD visit the school where my child attends and request a meeting with the teacher(s) depending on their grade and I would ask for the child’s assessment history in all subjects. I have a little bit of experience in this as one of my children at the library needed the summer packet from school and Mom Because of language barriers wasn’t getting anywhere.
I emailed his teachers because as the town librarian I had built a relationship with the school. They were quick to respond and emailed me the summer packet in its entirety. We also asked how he could receive extra help in reading comprehension skills since that was his shortfall. One of the teachers offered her services for two days a week of help at the library as she is paid through the summer months to help get students up to grade level.
He met with her twice a week and with me to do the assigned homework . As a team, we felt he progressed from below average to average and ready to begin 7th grade.
Educational advocacy is helping the child at whatever age/grade they need to get the education they deserve based on their level of competency. We should make sure our children are on the proper track whether they need an IEP or need to be challenged because they are in classes below their skill level. Many children in foster care system enter school at a later age so they are older than their peers I can sense this would cause problems as they mature and realize they are “old enough “ to make their own education choices that are much to their detriment. We can fill the gap and encourage them to remain on Track and graduate from high school in their own time !