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Cathy Skinner

To me, educational advocacy means exactly that-advocating for the child in their school district. Obviously we need to develop a relationship and obtain knowledge about the child’s strengths and weaknesses. I’d begin with getting to know the child, then move on to the teachers, the guidance counselors, the principal and the educational specialists. As a parent-one of the most important lessons I taught my kids when it came to their education was to “advocate for yourself”. I was like a broken record. Fortunately for them, I was able to start that process for them when they were too young to do it for themselves. They slowly learned how to make this their own mission. Unfortunately, it seems many of the CASA kids are “left behind”. I believe it would be my job to see that the child is getting all of the accommodations and resources they need. It’s invaluable- as i believe education can change these kids futures .