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Amy Aynedjian

Since during class I shared about my sister instead I will share about my cousin. She is bipolar and definitely uses alcohol as a coping mechanism instead of relying on her meds.
When her illness is controlled and she’s not drinking she’s quite the entrepreneur. She started a skiwear company and did really well out in Utah until she became pregnant & at that point her meds weren’t helping and she knew she shouldn’t be drinking . She checked herself into a facility to maintain sobriety while pregnant and taught the other ladies how to start their own fashion companies . She also had them model her outfits and raised funds for the facility.
She can be whatever she wants to be when she’s sober and on regular meds but when the darkness gets her she falls hard. Her children are grown up and don’t see her anymore which breaks my heart ❤️!
She loves them in her own possible way and she provided the best home she could using her fashion design smarts!
She is a people person and a few summers back won first prize for a float she designed for the Fourth of July 🇺🇸 parade in her town. She invited all of the high school graduates From that year to ride the float . I so wish she was around to do that again this year as it would boost the mood of many graduates!