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Anastasia Warden

Reunification should be considered because:
1. Her biological mother has maintained a proper apartment and job.
2. Relapse is part of recovery – as soon as Shannon’s mom relapsed, she considered Shannon’s safety first and had her re-placed at the familiar resource parents’ home
3. Even when Shannon lived with her mom, her mom recognized the importance of Shannon’s relationship (attachment) with her resource parents and maintained the relationship between the resource parents and Shannon

All of the above suggest that Shannon’s bio mom wants what is best for Shannon and will continue to do the hard work required to keep Shannon safe while working on her recovery from addition.

Placement with the resource parents should be considered because:
1. RP have indicated they are willing to adopt Shannon – permanency
2. No history of substance abuse
3. There is no question there is a strong attachment between Shannon and her resource parents as she spent 1.5 years with them as young toddler.