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Amy Aynedjian

I grew up in a middle class Anglo American family and our culture was influenced by our affluent church family. We grew up with many negative ideas about other people because of what they didn’t have. My siblings and I didn’t need the stuff we were given and often laid it aside for simpler things. This outraged my mother who said she never had these things when she was young. We celebrated Christian holidays with my grandparents.
On the other hand my husband’s family are immigrants who moved here to escape persecution. His parents both came here as teenagers and Know what it’s like to be content with what you have. My husband definitely has their mentality and works hard to provide for us. Sometimes I think he works too hard because that was instilled in him by his family. His culture celebrates the Orthodox Christian ✝️ holidays and that has really helped me value the meaning of the holidays. It also helps avoid with whom to celebrate conflicts!