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Suzanne Doll

Medical Advocacy refers to being able to advocate for all of the child’s medical needs and overall health. This would include well baby/physicals, immunizations, medical issues/diagnosis, treatment/medications, emergency medical situations and dental/vision/hearing screenings. Regarding medical care, I would speak to the child’s pediatrician and any other specialists they may see for a medical issue. I would also talk to the school nurse and the Resource parent regarding any medical concerns or medications and also the Bio parent(s) if there is a relevant medical history for the child or family. I would want to ask questions for my report regarding any past/current chronic medical conditions/medications. I would also want to find out if any recent emergency medical care was needed or any recent illness (of child/family). I would also want to find out if there is a family history of a medical condition or if there are any updates/changes regarding the health of the bio parent. I would also include any recent medical/vision/dental appointments and need for any follow up or concerns (i.e. child needs braces/glasses).