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Amy Aynedjian

Medical Advocacy seems to me to be the gathering of the child’s medical records while the child is in the resource home .
As a CASA, I would gather information for the child’s well-care
Visits and immunization records provided by their pediatrician.
If there are gaps I would ask the bio parents where they took the child for visits for example a medical clinic or an urgent care. The child’s school would have some of the records and I would request to see them for the school nurse.
The important factors would be does the child have specific healthcare needs that need to be monitored and addressed. Thinking of Maria Amarillo she has diabetes and asthma which need to be monitored and medication provided for regularly.
I would ask the resource parents if they are aware of the child’s specific medical needs and if they need any specific training to better assist their child with immediate concerns.
Medical care includes vision, dental auditory and mental health so I would also ask If the child has had regular eye, dental exams and hearing tests.
As far as mental health I would ask if the child has had a psychological exam as part of their general intake into foster care.
My Court report would include the list of medications the child is taking and the diagnoses from their doctors visits. I believe my job as a CASA isn’t to diagnose but to gather the information and present it clearly and coherently.