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Anastasia Warden

There seems to be some heavy lifting associated with an adolescent case that won’t be required for a younger child that is likely to be adopted. An adolescent in the system needs a lot of support transitioning to adulthood. However, this support must be done in a manner that acknowledges the adolescent as the driver for their future. Hopefully, their “self” is well established. The adolescent should have a strong sense of their strengths and also some sense of what they would like their life to look like — what work sector do they feel they are suited to? As a CASA in this sort of case, the biggest help that I could provide is getting the adolescent in contact with the correct programs and services. If the adolescent is still unsure (and this is likely if they have been in the system for a long time – mentors / parental figures may have come in and out of their lives leaving them with half-finished plans) it would probably be useful to help the adolescent create a vision board (or whatever like it the adolescent will tolerate!) It will also be very important to acknowledge that the adolescent is almost an adult and as such the CASA acts more as a facilitator and less as an authority figure.