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Peter Manuel

A 2-year-old is unable to verbally express him/herself, though the CASA mat be able to make certain assessments based on other behavioral indicators. At this age, the basic needs are crucial–food, shelter, stability–but ability to bond with a parental figure is also essential. If that is not happening with either biological or resource parents, then the need must be addressed somehow.
A 7-year-old will be verbal but not necessarily able to understand the reasons for being relocated. They are likely to express their emotional needs and frustrations in non-verbal as well as verbal ways. Being shuffled about may be particularly stressful at this age. Alos, by this time their education is important, including being socialized with peers.
A 15-year-old will be verbal, whether insightfully understanding his/her situation or not. They may be familiar with the social services system and try to manipulate it, whether or not they know what is possible or what is best for them. However, their views and desires are certainly important and need to be considered. Education remains important at this age.