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Fran Waller Robertson

Facing Dilemma 1:
Being new to CASA I would probably check with my contact person at CASA. My first inclination is to make it VERY clear to the grandfather that we/I am not permitted to do this picking up. A maybe bigger problem is to sign for a drug for the child without being the one to administer it. I would check on the Drug Store’s delivery procedures as well as encourage him to seek friend/neighbor help. As a follow up what are his plans going forward for transportation for Susan’s needs. Sorry, but I would not get milkshake. I don’t even know if she has allergies or too much about her.

Dilema 2:
I would call Ms. Jones and at least leave a message that I will be stopping by tomorrow at about 3:40 to say hello and see how everything is doing. (I do not know what time of day I met her at the store. If early in the morning I would be hoping that she was communicating with her boyfriend while Johnny is at school. This is not in violations. Maybe she is even checking up on him that he is finishing up on his court-ordered services.) With or without a response from her I would visit and hope she is home. If I have a good relationship with her, she should understand or/and I will make it clear to her that I want to follow thru. I want to confirm that she is staying in compliance and I want to be able to tell that to the court. I would also be quietly asking Johnny how things are going and see if he is spending some time with mom & boyfriend.

Dilema 4:
Kyle’ safety is the number one concern. It sounds like his stepmother Beth is also very concerned about Kyle’s safety.I would try to convince her that it is very important for his as well as Kyle that she seeks help. (I don’t know where Kyle is residing. If with his father IMEDIATE action is required. If Kyle is only having visits with his dad it needs follow up) I would need to bring to her attention that it might be the best thing for Kyle’s father to receive help in controlling his temper. It might be the ONLY way he can secure the custody of his son. If she refuses, I would not want to remind her of her own as well as Kyle’s safety if this behavior is not addressed.

Dilema 5:
I hope that I have made it clear that while we are a friendly and caring team. I must always look out for the best interested of the children. The fact that she is expecting another child will become obvious in going forward. We can talk about how does she plan to care for the children with understanding the circumstance. She will need Financial and physical. I can not keep secrets but can help in her efforts going forward. That is why I am in this case.