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Alondra Palacios

Dilemma 1: I would make it clear to the grandfather that I am unfortunately not allowed to pick up her medication. I also can’t purchase a milkshake for the child. I would also make sure the child still gets the medication she needs in a timely manner. Maybe the drug store has a delivery service…

Dilemma 2: Although she has not been answering my calls lately, I would still try to give her a call in hopes that she would answer. If she does not answer, I would leave a message letting her know I will be stopping by.

Dilemma 5: Even though she might feel betrayed, I will let her know that I appreciate her trusting me enough to tell me but I can’t keep this a secret. I would reiterate that my role is to gather information about the case to share with the court and I need to report this.