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    Read dilemma’s 1 (page 18), dilemma 2, (page 19), and 5 (page 21)

    What would you do in each of these circumstances? Why would you do it? How would you handle talking with the person involved?

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    Peter Manuel

    Dilemma 1:
    Crux: What are the boundaries of favors one should do for the child?
    Potential consequences: On the positive side, one can ingratiate oneself with the child and her family. However, the CASA should not be buying gifts for them.
    One possible solution: Offer to pick up a milkshake if the grandfather will reimburse for it.

    Dilemma 2:
    Crux: How to verify your suspicion that the boyfriend is seeing Johnny in violation of established parameters.
    Potential consequences: You could verify the violation. However, this would also violate CASA norms, and could antagonize the mother (not to mention the CASA supervisor).
    One possible solution: This is probably unacceptable, but the CASA could drive to their home or building, park unobserved, and see if the two of them appear to enter. However, the CASA is not supposed to be a private detective. Alternately, do nothing, but certainly include the sighting in your report.

    Dilemma 5:
    Crux: (Actually, the text doesn’t specify if the CASA has in fact picky-sworn with the mother not to reveal the secret.) One can see the arguments both in favor and against the mother gaining custody.
    Potential consequences: The children return, the mother loses her job, and their financial situation becomes desperate. However, if the CASA reports the situation to the court, then (s)he loses the trust of the mother, especially if she has sworn not to tell.
    One possible solution: It is the job of the CASA to report the situation, and all relevant information, such that the court can make an informed decision. Ideally, when asked to pinky-swear, the CASA would say, “Well, I can’t make any promises, but I’d like to hear your news.”

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    Judith McGuinness

    Dilemma 1

    Crux of the Dilemma: Should you pick up the prescriptions and also get a milkshake for the client?

    Potential Consequences: You don’t want it to become a habit that the grandfather asks you for transportation considerations. I would not pick up a milkshake, it’s too personal. You don’t know the girl, her allergy situation, and it doesn’t seem professional.

    One Possible Solution: I may make a stop to pick up the medication but be very clear to the grandfather about boundaries and transportation rules.

    Dilemma 2

    Crux of the Dilemma: Finding out if Ms. Jones has violated a court order by allowing her boyfriend in her apartment while Johnny is there.

    Potential Consequences: If she has violated the order, then you need to report it and Johnny might be sent back to foster care. If she hasn’t violated the order and you seem too suspicious of her it could possibly ruin your good relationship and she would be less likely to be cooperative in the future.

    One Possible Solution: I would call one more time that day and say that you will be coming by the apartment the following day after school, that way you are covered by leaving the message and whether she calls back or not, still go to the apartment the following day. Speak to Johnny alone to see how he is doing and if he has seen his mother’s boyfriend. Also I would inquire about Ms. Jones’ boyfriend to her pointedly, not specifically asking if he had been in the apartment, but possibly about he is doing on his court-ordered services or when the last time she had seen him was, to get a sense if she is telling the truth.

    Dilemma 5

    Crux of the Dilemma: Swear to keep Michele’s secret or not?

    Potential Consequences: You keep the secret, the children go back home, Michele leaves her job and the family cannot survive on public assistance so the children re-enter foster care. You don’t keep the secret and the children don’t come home at all at that time.

    One Possible Solution: I would never “pinky swear” at my age. I would tell Michele that I can’t keep secrets with her but would encourage her to share her secret and hopefully help her to figure out a way in which to keep her income and have the children come home

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    Cathy Skinner

    Hi! can someone tell me where you are finding the reading material? i am on an iPad and cannot find any links!?

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    Amy Aynedjian

    Dilemma 1
    Crux of the dilemma:
    To pick up prescriptions for Susan or not!
    Potential Consequences:
    Thinking that picking the prescriptions up sets a bad precedent since in the description it says “you are on your way to your very first visit with Susan”
    If this happened during the duration of your case after building somewhat of a relationship with Grandpa and Susan; I think the circumstances would be a bit different. Grandpa seems to be very forward about asking you, someone he doesn’t really know as of yet for a favor . The milkshake idea made me laugh and once again if you already had a working relationship with Susan and Grandpa, you would know that Susan loves chocolate milkshakes as a treat once and a while!

    One possible solution would be to tell Grandpa that Susan probably isn’t feeling well enough for a visit and we should reschedule for another day. Also mention that most pharmacies deliver and ask him if you can help him with that. Finally, wish Susan well and tell Grandpa that you are looking forward to meeting them soon!

    Dilemma 2
    Crux of the dilemma: Is Ms. Jones violating the court order to not have her boyfriend anywhere near her son,
    Johnny? You want to check in because you’re concerned that the boyfriend is at the apartment while Johnny is present .
    Potential consequences to the child is permanent removal.
    Since he has only been back with his mom for 3’weeks,
    Johnny is still acclimating to his return and it seems unfair to remove him once again, however if Mom is violating the court order that is what will occur.
    One possible solution is to be honest and ask Ms.Jones what is happening because she needs to be asked upfront what’s going on in her relationship with her boyfriend and positively reminded that she can only have Johnny living with her if her boyfriend stays away from the apartment.

    Dilemma 5
    Crux of the dilemma: Michelle reveals that she is expecting and wants you to keep it a secret as she will have to leave her job to have the baby and the return of her 4 Kids impinges upon her maintaining employment .
    Potential consequences if you don’t report this to your CASA supervisor are that the kids will be returned based on a lie that she will maintain her steady job. If you divulge her secret ; yes, she will be upset however the children won’t be falsely returned only to be taken again in a few months when the truth is discovered.
    One possible solution is if possible ask to set up a Family Team Planning Meeting and discuss the issues at hand for example her stress levels at all four children returning home and allowing her to inform the team that she is indeed expecting number five!

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    Amy Aynedjian

    It’s on page 18,19,21,22 of the handouts volunteer manual chapter 1

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    Cathy Skinner

    dilemma 1
    CRUX: whether to pick up medication or not/whether to buy the girl a milkshake
    POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES: allowing the grandfather to manipulate and ask for favors, when doing this is too personal. In addition, the milkshake (although nice) would be far too personal and inappropriate for a CASA volunteer
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION: explan to the grandfather that this is not allowed in our guidelines – but insist to help him figure something out. A delivery service or asking the pharmacy to facilitate would be potential options.

    dilemma 2
    CRUX: Ms Jones is violating her court order by allowing her boyfriend near Johnny
    POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES: Johnny could end up back in foster care. If you’re too invasive and visit without a phone call, Ms. Jones may not trust you any more.
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Tell Ms. Jones when you’re speaking with her in the grocery store that you’ve tried to call several times and would like to see her in the next couple of days. Set up an appointment then and there. While there, make sure she absolutely understand the consequences
    if the boyfriend is around.

    dilemma 5
    CRUX:to tell Michelle’s new of impending pregnancy or not?
    POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES: You run the risk of losing Michelle’s trust; yet Michelle runs the risk of ending up in the same spot due to lack of ability to support and care for her children
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION: I would tell Michelle that I can’t possibly “pinky swear”. Although I care for her a great deal, her children’s well being is my first and foremost concern.

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    Anastasia Warden

    Hi – my answers are going to seem “wishy-washy” as I don’t yet know all the ins and outs of this role nor all of the rules but I’ll do my best.

    Dilemma 1:
    Do I pick up the prescription? Do I give in to my generous nature and pick up a milkshake for the child?
    Assuming I’m allowed to pick up the prescription (given no one from the family is in the car with me,) I would do so. I’d do it for any friend or someone unable to get to the pharmacy. Though I know I would be tempted to pick up something a little extra for the child, I know it is not allowed in the CASA / Child relationship and would resist the temptation.
    If I’m not allowed to pick up the prescription or if the relationship has already begun to feel like I am being used too often as an errand person, I would try to work out with the grandfather a way for him to make other arrangements to pick up the prescription – making sure I was comfortable that the prescription would be picked up in a timely fashion as I would not want the child to suffer from pain any longer than absolutely necessary.

    Dilemma 2:
    Do I immediately try to suss out if the boyfriend is violating the court order preventing him from being in the house with the child? How far will I go to do that?
    I think it would be pretty judgemental and unfair of me to assume based on an observation made in a parking lot that the mother was violating the court orders. In addition, she is owed privacy and I would want to maintain what I assume to be a good relationship with her – I would not want any action of mine to cause her to be less willing to share important information about her chid with me. Having said all that, is it unusual for her to be hard to reach? Why didn’t I mention in the grocery store that I’ve been trying to reach her? I agree with Cathy – I would have tried to set up an appointment (or scheduled a phone call) in the grocery store. And, despite the fact that I hope I wouldn’t assume the boyfriend has been invited into the house with Johnny, it would become more urgent in my mind to have a visit with Johnny in his home setting.

    Dilemma 3:
    Do I report Michele’s pregnancy?
    From the passage, it seems that having a steady job is a requirement for her children to return to her home. As many others replied, I would not have given a promise to keep Michele’s secrets. I am her child’s advocate not hers – though of course, I must represent her fairly! It would seem to me that I would be negligent if I did not include this information in my case notes. The passage indicates I have a great relationship with Michele – hopefully, this would allow me to explore options for her in terms of employment (collecting unemployment?) and childcare options once she is ready to go back to work after the baby’s birth.

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    mindy felixbrod

    Dilemma 1:
    crux:To pick up grandpa’s prescription as a favor and to buy a milkshake for the Susan as a way of creating rapport.
    Potential consequences: Both activities set expectations that may not be regularly met.
    One possible solution: I would probably pick up Grandpas RX and then sit and try to help him figure out the best way for him to get regular delivery service or another means of solving his errands. I wouldn’t start a relationship with Susan with a milk shake. I would want her to focus on me and what the true Value of a CASA is. Maybe once established, it would be much more appreciated and not expected.

    Dilemma 2:
    Crux: Seeing Mrs Jones with her boyfriend at a grocery store and wondering if she is following court orders by keeping him out of the apartment with Johnny there.
    Potential consequence: Not sure what benefits and progress that Mrs Jones has made will be in jeopardy if she violates court orders. Losing Johnny? the apartment?
    One possible solution: She is not forbidden from seeing her boyfriend and his restriction is dependent on fulfilling court ordered services. I would just note it.
    If I felt it necessary to visit again, I would feel more so now and try again to call- I would hope that I would get the information I am looking for by directly asking the mom and the child.

    Dilemma 5:
    Crux: Maintaining trust with mom concerning her future employment as it relates to her 4 children.
    Potential Consequence: Her children will not be allowed to return home
    One possible solution: I think her children’s welfare is on the line and I think shuffling them back and forth is not a good thing for kids. I wouldn’t agree to keep that secret and try to explain to her that the situation will be even more stressful than she originally anticipated. Perhaps she is revealing this bc she wants the truth out?

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    Suzanne Doll

    Dilemma 1:
    Crux- To pick up prescription, which is needed, and a milkshake to engage Susan.
    Because this is my first case, I would defer to my training and follow protocol. If picking up the prescription is within the scope of being a CASA volunteer, I would do so. If not, I would determine if the medications could be delivered or some other way to get them to Susan. If buying a CASA youth a milkshake is within the role of a CASA volunteer, I would ask permission of the grandfather first as I would not know if the child has any allergies. I also would not want to overstep my boundaries with the family.
    Dilemma 2:
    Crux: To determine if Ms. Jones is violating her court order and having contact with her boyfriend by confronting her/visiting without an appointment.
    Confronting Ms. Jones unexpectedly could tarnish my relationship with Ms. Jones and she may not trust me. I always believe it is best to address situations and be honest. I would call Ms. Jones and directly discuss with her what I saw and explain my concerns with her. She saw you at the store, so she knows you may have seen something. I would then schedule a meeting with Johnny being transparent with Ms. Jones.
    Taking Jessie out for dinner for her birthday.
    First, I would have to determine if this is within the role of a CASA advocate. If not, then I would try to determine another way to fulfill her birthday wishes, maybe another worker can take her, maybe she can have take out. If is is within the role of an advocate, I would discuss my plans with my supervisor and if it deemed ok, I would then ask Jessie if she wants to go with me before making plans to go.

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    Shama Thakkar

    Dilemma 1:
    In order to avoid breaking CASA rules and overstepping boundaries, I’d seek and figure out with the grandparents a way for him to make some plans to pick up the medication, and be sure I felt confident that the medicine will be picked up in a timely fashion, as I wouldn’t want the child to endure the discomfort any more than completely required.

    Dilemma 2:
    I’d call one more time that day to indicate that the following day I will be stopping by the apartment to ensure that I cover my bases by leaving the message. Additionally, I would speak to Johnny alone to see how he is doing and notice/observe any of his behaviors. I would also kindly ask about Ms. Jones’ boyfriend, and determine how to proceed depending on the response.

    Dilemma 3:
    I wouldn’t have made Michele a guarantee to protect the secrets.

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    Fran Waller Robertson

    Facing Dilemma 1:
    Being new to CASA I would probably check with my contact person at CASA. My first inclination is to make it VERY clear to the grandfather that we/I am not permitted to do this picking up. A maybe bigger problem is to sign for a drug for the child without being the one to administer it. I would check on the Drug Store’s delivery procedures as well as encourage him to seek friend/neighbor help. As a follow up what are his plans going forward for transportation for Susan’s needs. Sorry, but I would not get milkshake. I don’t even know if she has allergies or too much about her.

    Dilema 2:
    I would call Ms. Jones and at least leave a message that I will be stopping by tomorrow at about 3:40 to say hello and see how everything is doing. (I do not know what time of day I met her at the store. If early in the morning I would be hoping that she was communicating with her boyfriend while Johnny is at school. This is not in violations. Maybe she is even checking up on him that he is finishing up on his court-ordered services.) With or without a response from her I would visit and hope she is home. If I have a good relationship with her, she should understand or/and I will make it clear to her that I want to follow thru. I want to confirm that she is staying in compliance and I want to be able to tell that to the court. I would also be quietly asking Johnny how things are going and see if he is spending some time with mom & boyfriend.

    Dilema 4:
    Kyle’ safety is the number one concern. It sounds like his stepmother Beth is also very concerned about Kyle’s safety.I would try to convince her that it is very important for his as well as Kyle that she seeks help. (I don’t know where Kyle is residing. If with his father IMEDIATE action is required. If Kyle is only having visits with his dad it needs follow up) I would need to bring to her attention that it might be the best thing for Kyle’s father to receive help in controlling his temper. It might be the ONLY way he can secure the custody of his son. If she refuses, I would not want to remind her of her own as well as Kyle’s safety if this behavior is not addressed.

    Dilema 5:
    I hope that I have made it clear that while we are a friendly and caring team. I must always look out for the best interested of the children. The fact that she is expecting another child will become obvious in going forward. We can talk about how does she plan to care for the children with understanding the circumstance. She will need Financial and physical. I can not keep secrets but can help in her efforts going forward. That is why I am in this case.

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    Alondra Palacios

    Dilemma 1: I would make it clear to the grandfather that I am unfortunately not allowed to pick up her medication. I also can’t purchase a milkshake for the child. I would also make sure the child still gets the medication she needs in a timely manner. Maybe the drug store has a delivery service…

    Dilemma 2: Although she has not been answering my calls lately, I would still try to give her a call in hopes that she would answer. If she does not answer, I would leave a message letting her know I will be stopping by.

    Dilemma 5: Even though she might feel betrayed, I will let her know that I appreciate her trusting me enough to tell me but I can’t keep this a secret. I would reiterate that my role is to gather information about the case to share with the court and I need to report this.

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