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    Write about your ideal CASA child

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    Judith McGuinness

    I really enjoy working with teens, older ones are great, difficult ones are great, I don’t have much experience with girls (because I have three sons and they had more male friends than female friends) so I guess males are a better fit for me. Any race, religion, sexual orientation is great. Kids with mental illness, trauma are great. I have less experience with medical chronic illness. I can’t really say what “ideal” means as I am pretty open.

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    Amy Aynedjian

    I don’t have an ideal CASA child in mind, however I work well with children 7 & up that’s where my expertise is as I’ve never had children of my own. I used to mentor a teenage boy and girl many moons ago! They lived in Englewood and Teaneck and each came from a single parent household.
    My husband and I would take them with us to baseball games and the Meadowlands State Fair. I would spoil them on their birthdays and write them notes of encouragement on a regular basis.
    Needless to say my ideal CASA child would be able to verbally paint me a picture of their current life with their resource parent(s) and life with their bio parent(s). I would enjoy getting to know their interests and form a bond of trust with them.

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    Anastasia Warden

    Like Amy and Judi, I don’t have an notion of an idea CASA child – this isn’t supposed to be about me, it’s supposed to be to help a child. 🙂 I trust that the case supervisors who have a lot more experience than I will be able to suss out a CASA child that is a good match for my background and style.

    I’m pretty even-keeled and sincerely believe, as Judi mentioned, that the child’s religion, culture or sexual/gender orientation would have no bearing on my ability to be a child’s CASA.

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    Suzanne Doll

    I am open to any CASA child who needs an advocate. Most of my professional work has been with teenagers, but I feel I can lend support and advocacy to any child in need. (I do have specific expertise with youth involved in the legal system/probation/gang involvement who present with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.)

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    Shama Thakkar

    I don’t have a description for an “ideal CASA child” as I don’t think any such ideal person exists in any case. I accept any child where they are and will strive to help them regardless of their circumstances.

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    Cathy Skinner

    Tough question! I’m the mother of three grown daughters, so i have a lot of experience with females and all that comes with raising them:) Hoping i can just help who is truly in need at the time.

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    Mindy Felixbrod

    I think working with an older child / teen sounds appealing to me but I think it will be harder. I think I might want a younger child to start with. I have 2 girls and a boy. At a younger age I don’t think I have a preference and I’m open to anything regardless of this question and answer

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    Peter Manuel

    I suppose my ideal CASA child would not be a toddler, nor would he/she be a 16-yr-old who is jaded and sees no use in my intervention. But I would try to do my best with whatever emerges. I do enjoy young kids and sometimes (but not always) hit it off well with them, although this would be an unusual context, and of course it is hard for me to envision having a genuinely successful relationship in this covid situation.

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    Fran Waller Robertson

    I don’t think I have an “ideal” CASA child.
    I would like to be available for who needs assistance.
    I am the mother of 3 grown children and 9 grandchildren (ages 9 to 24). I am a very involved grandma.

    My professional background is Nursery School teacher/administrator for 30 years.
    Administrator for a non-profit that serviced: battered individuals/ Teens who for many reasons could not live at home/ homeless
    Currently with Family Promise of Bergen County
    I want to thank you for the difficult training that you have accomplished all remotely! TY

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    Alondra Palacios

    I do not have an ideal CASA child. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so whatever child I get to advocate for, there is a reason for it. I have pride in my resiliency and know that I can handle any case that I am assigned to.

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