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    What made you want to be a CASA?

    Share a little about your family and career – current or previous. Anything else you want to share?

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    Shama Thakkar

    Hello, my name is Shama. I wanted to join CASA because I want to make a difference in a child’s life and become a part of his/her support system. I am 33, in my last year of law school and I am also a certified yoga teacher. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

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    Amy Aynedjian

    Hi, I am Amy, a former children’s librarian. I want to become a CASA to make a positive impact on a child’s difficult life. My friends fostered ten children and I enjoyed getting to know them as an extra adult in their lives who could listen to them, play hide and seek for hours and have tea parties when they were sick!
    I don’t have children of my own and tell people when they ask me if I have children that “I borrow them and
    give them back!” I am looking forward to learning about the court system and how it works to make the best choice for the child!

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    Judith McGuinness

    Hi everyone! I’m very excited to join Bergen County CASA. A friend of one of my sons lived with our family for 6 years in his 20s. He was removed from his mother at 2 years of age and spent the rest of his childhood in foster care. He didn’t have such a great experience or graduate high school and wound up going to prison for a few years. Now, at 40 years old, I can still see the aftereffects of his troubled youth and would like a chance to help even one child not go through what he has gone through. I am currently finishing my BA in psychology at Montclair State and will then proceed to the Child Advocacy and Policy master’s program. I hope one day to start a nonprofit to aid youth transitioning out of foster care. I’m happy to meet all of you and good luck to all of us in training!

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    Peter Manuel

    Hello all. I am Peter, retiring CUNY professor (ethnomusicology), have been trying to find meaningful volunteer work (e.g., more than licking envelopes), and I think CASA will work out for me and that I can make a contribution. I like kids, have a little bit of legal experience, speak Spanish passably, and am looking forward to being part of the CASA team.

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    Cathy Skinner

    Hi all, I’m Cathy Skinner – I’m the mother of three grown girls (20, 22 & 23) and have been both a stay at home mom as well as an entrepreneur for most of my adult life. I own rental properties in Long Beach Island NJ which I run and operate. I’ve always had a passion for children and making a difference in their lives.I had a foster brother when I was a child and my parents compassion and generosity of spirit made a huge impact on me. I’m hoping i can help these children, in however small or large a way possible.

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    Mindy Felixbrod

    Hi all! My name is Mindy Felixbrod- I’m the mother of 3 kids 24, 22 and 19. (Although, unlike Cathy, I hardly consider them grown up. Lol ) Of all the positive things there is to do in this world, advocating for children in tough circumstances seems to speak the loudest to me. I actually had a lot of trouble getting pregnant and bc I am lucky enough to have 3 kids despite the struggle, I feel that this a perfect opportunity for me to give back. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you through this process.

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    Suzanne Doll

    Hi Everyone! My name is Suzanne and I am currently employed as a social worker in Westchester County. In the beginning of my career, I worked in foster care and had wonderful (and challenging) experiences. I am at a point in my life I want to volunteer and CASA seems to be a great opportunity to provide support and advocate for children. I am also the mother of a 12 and 16 year old and I strive to be a positive example for my children. I look forward to meeting and learning from everyone!

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    Anastasia Warden

    Hi everyone – My name is Anastasia. I have two children, ages 15 and 11. Prior to having children, I was a high school science teacher. While the kids were small, I volunteered at their schools a lot but I most enjoyed the opportunity to help struggling readers. I think every child has great potential and hope in my role as a CASA, I can provide some stability and clear out some of the obstacles that might hamper their ability to focus on developing that potential.

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    Alondra Palacios

    Hi! My name is Alondra. I currently work in special events but I have a BA in Criminal Justice. I help people plan some of their most important days in their lives. Although that has been rewarding, I would love to contribute and help my community in a more positive way by being a CASA volunteer. I look forward to training with you and getting to know each other!

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