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    Plan the investigation – write up your general idea of the first 5-7 steps of working a case

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    Cathy Skinner

    Meet Maria and get a feel for her emotional state in her current placement.

    Ask her the “magic wand” question (in the “games” section).

    Interview Stanley and Karen Becker to ascertain if this is a healthy and viable situation for Maria.

    Meet Maria’s bio parents and confirm that they are, in fact, not making any progress toward completing court ordered services. If they are making progress, can they provide the minimum sufficient level of care?

    Talk to Ms. Mansfield (she seems to be a mentor for Maria). What are her thoughts on Maria’s well being?

    Speak with Maria’s doctor to ensure that her health needs are bring met.

    Call her school/teachers to see how she is performing in school.

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    Suzanne Doll

    My first step would be to read the case and reach out to the Division worker for any updated information.
    I would then make sure I have all the contact information (phone #’s etc..) to begin to reach out to the family.
    In the Amarillo case, I would first contact Maria and introduce myself, and find out some basic information.
    I would then reach out to the Becker family to discuss how Maria is doing in the home.
    I would then talk to Maria again to discuss any issues/concerns that came up with the Becker family.
    I would reach out to the Valdez family as well.
    Based on interviews with the above, I would determine who to speak to next including the school, doctor, and attorney regarding immigration status. UI would also discuss the case with my CASA peer supervisor and document all contacts.

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    Judith McGuinness

    Not the specific Amarillo case? I’m just going to do a general case.

    1. Meet or speak with the DCP&P worker and obtain all relevant documentation if possible (background information)and thoroughly review.
    2. Transfer the background information into a new blank court report, as mentioned in training.
    3. Request a psychological assessment if one has not been done as yet, or if there has been one, follow up with recommendations to make sure they are being adhered to.
    4. If there hasn’t been a medical assessment in the past 6-12 months, request one or follow up if one has already been requested.
    5. Make appointment to meet with teacher/guidance counselor to make sure the child’s educational needs are being met.
    6. Meet with resource parent when child is not there to see if there are any issues that the resource parent is aware of.
    7. Meet with the child, introduction, age appropriate interview.

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    Amy Aynedjian

    My first six steps of working a case would be:
    1. Read and become familiar with the case history.
    2. Formulate questions for my
    Interviews and figure out whom I want to interview first.
    3.Make phone calls setting up appointments and interview whomever is available at that time preferably the child or the person who made the initial report leading to removal ie a teacher or school nurse or neighbor or babysitter.
    4. Begin filling in information for my court report soon after setting up interviews and opening the case on Optima filling in Contacts and background .
    5. Interviewing the child using an age appropriate game and well formed questions such as “ how is school going ?”
    “ have you had any contact or visits with relatives such as parents,
    Siblings, aunts or uncles? “
    Depending on age of the child “how do you like living here?”
    “Why is it different or the same as living with your family?”
    6. I would assess medical, educational, psychological needs and hopefully after meeting with the CPS worker , the school , the resource parent, the therapist (if there is one), the biological parent and start filling in my court report eventually asking myself “have I covered every need of the child?” “Are there any other relatives who could take the child?” “What are the immediate barriers to reunification?”

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    Peter Manuel

    (Having read the earlier responses…) Yes, there are many things to do.
    after reading the available documentation, I would try to meet and interview Maria first, then also the Beckers, the school teachers, Maria’s parents… As Suzanne noted, it would be important to get proper advice regarding maria’s immigration possibilities and status, if that hadn’t been done. I would also want informed and detailed advice about her diabetes and asthma situation, including the expense of medications. I would call Consuela in El Salvador, and ask her about these things (and try to get her not to talk so fast that I can’t understand her). I would have many questions for her.

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    Anastasia Warden

    I’m also not sure if the writing prompt refers to “any case” or the “Amarillo case.” I’ve created a list of steps to begin a general case:

    1. Read all case documentation and develop a list of questions and interviews I would like to pursue.
    2. Meet with the child and use age appropriate techniques to get an initial read on the child’s current status – does the child seem well adjusted in the current placement.
    3. Interview the resource parent(s) to see how educational, medical and any psychological needs are being supported by the resource parent.
    4. Interview the school counselor and teachers (if applicable) to a get a sense of the child’s ability to successfully engage in classroom activities and requirements.
    5. Try to make contact with the Bio parents. What obstacles, if any, are they encountering while trying to fulfill requirements for reunification?
    6. Begin creating a court report – knowing that through that process it should become clear what next steps or interviews I should perform.

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    Alondra Palacios

    1. Familiarize myself with the case and jot down vital information and questions.
    2. Make note of all the people involved in the child’s life.
    3. Meet the child to better familiarize myself with the child’s needs.
    4. Make sure all child’s needs are being met.
    5. Meet/talk with the main people involved in the child’s life.
    6. Update Optima as I work through the case.

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    mindy felixbrod

    I would read the case and get in touch with the DCP&P case worker
    I would take notes and get as many contacts as i can.
    I would continue to search for contacts with anyone I speak to and then get in touch with and meet to gather all the information I can
    I would meet the child first ,
    The resource parents that are there followed by the birth parents and the support figures in the childs life- ( teacher, coaches, etc)
    I would try to plan the questions that I want to ask before meeting to stay on track, but be open minded about the direction of the conversation and information that is forth coming
    I would Document everything

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    Shama Thakkar

    Firstly, I would familiarize myself with the case, and discuss with the case supervisor any questions I may have.
    Second, I would familiarize myself with all of the inviduals involved in the child’s life.
    Thirdly, I would meet the child to get to know him/her and take note of any concerning behaviors in Optima.

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