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    Discuss the pros and cons of Kinship Legal Guardianship

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    Cathy Skinner

    In general, there are more pros to adoption (in my opinion). The adoptive parent has control over any relationship or visitation with the bio parents, where KLG has to follow the court guidelines. They receive subsidy for needs and childcare for preschool age children (not the case with KLG). Basically, the adoptive parent has more control in protecting the child’s well being.

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    Suzanne Doll

    Adoption provides a stable living environment for the youth and allows the adoptive parents legal rights of the child. However, the child’s connection with their biological family may diminish or cease to exist. KLG allows the child to stay with family, and may be a path towards reunification with the bio parents. However, the placement may not be stable, causing the child to move for various reasons which may not be supportive of the child’s overall well being.

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    Judith McGuinness

    If reunification efforts are unsuccessful then adoption is the preferred permanent plan, as more legally and emotionally stable for the child. In the case of KLG orders can be vacated and the child can be returned to the bio parents not so in adoption. In KLG the parents still have visitations with the child unless the court denies it, parents rights are not terminated. The parents also make decisions with the kinship legal guardian. The pros for the child is that they are with family, possibly staying within the same community and can remain in the same school with their friends. The kin could still maintain a long-term stable environment and be more willing to take siblings or at least have sibling visitation.

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    Anastasia Warden

    The pros of KLG in some cases are also the cons! KLG still allows the biological parents some say in decisions regarding the child as well as guaranteed access to the child. Since in these cases parental rights have been terminated, I would guess that often this would create a less stable and secure environment for the child. Adoption is certainly preferred as the child is guaranteed more resources and stability.

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    Amy Aynedjian

    Pros of KLG
    -Parents rights are not terminated there is still a possibility of reunification
    -child retains name given by parents at birth … this one affects me the most as my sister was adopted by my stepfather so her surname was legally changed to his. I retained my deceased fathers surname and that made me feel emotionally connected to my fathers side of the family especially when I became my paternal grandmothers caregiver as paperwork seemed easier since we shared a surname .
    -if the Kin has a strong family
    Connection I think the child will be raised as close to the family as if she/he were still
    Living with the parents .
    Cons of KLG
    -longevity of agreement is only as long as KLG can physically handle care and custody for example a grandparent can have medical issues which could create a return to DCP&P or parent
    Parents retain certain rights which can hinder relationship with KLG and future plans for child/ren
    -there is no child care provided if child is not school aged.
    -adoption seems to provide a more stable, permanent alternative and legal security when problems arise.

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    Peter Manuel

    Aside from the various points enumerated, KLG allows for some maintenance of family ties, which might be especially valuable if, for example, the bio-parents mature and stabilize and after a few years are in a position to be of value to the child. Adoption has its merits, and there is a shortage of parents willing to adopt (especially children with developmental problems), but there is much to be said for maintaining some degree of family continuity unless abuse and neglect have been extreme.

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    Alondra Palacios

    I think the pros and cons differentiate depending on the long term plans or hopes for the child. If there is hope for reunification down the road parental rights are not terminated with KLG. Unfortunately, with a KLG you don’t get a lot of the rights or benefits you would receive with an adoption. Again, it comes down to it being a case by case scenario and what the most beneficial option would be.

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    mindy felixbrod

    KLG is not as good an option as Legal adoption. It has risk of uncertainty for the child which can leave anxiety on the table as well as lack of commitment to the kid.
    Court orders take over and if something happens to the KLG the child is not entitled to either inheritance or is just taken away. If the KLG is unable to adopt then the possibility of its permanence seem highly doubtful. Why wouldn’t they adopt ? are they not committed? or not able to for financial other risk factors?

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    Shama Thakkar

    I agree with Alondra. If there is hope for reunification along the way, KLG will not end parental rights, so it seems that adoption would be the most stable choice. It is a case by case situation about what will be the most favorable choice.

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