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    Write at least two questions you would ask during each interviews:

    1) Aunt Consuela

    2) Mrs. B (resource parent)

    3) Ms. Mansfield, Guidance Counselor

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    Cathy Skinner

    Aunt Consuela:

    What type of environment/family setting would Maria be living in? Would you take her sisters as well? What type of “help” would Maria be providing? Are you aware and preferred for her medical issues?

    Mrs. B:

    What kind of relationship does Maria have with your daughter?
    Does Maria express any interest in going to Catholic mass?
    Are you interested in pursuing permanency for the girls?

    Ms. Mansfield:

    Do you believe Maria is engaging in any risky sexual behavior?
    Do you feel Maria is a good candidate for the military?

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    Suzanne Doll

    Aunt Consuela:
    1. How do you plan to provide for Maria in terms of her education, her medical and emotional needs?
    2. What are your expectations of Maria as you mentioned you need “help”. What does that mean?
    3. How do you plan to financially support Maria?

    Mrs. B:
    1. Have you ever talked to Maria about religion and her beliefs? If her beliefs/religion differs from yours, is this something you are willing/able to accommodate?
    2. What are your thoughts about keeping Maria and her sisters going forward? What would change your mind (either way).
    3. How do you feel about Maria and your daughter’s relationship?
    Ms. Mansfield:
    1. How would you describe your relationship with Maria?
    2. What are some of Maria’s strengths?

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    Judith McGuinness

    Aunt Consuela:
    Is she willing to adopt Maria? Would she want to adopt the two younger siblings also? What type of “help” does she need from Maria in El Salvador? Is she aware of Maria’s medical history and be able to meet her medical needs? What would the living arrangements be? (Sharing bedroom, enough space, who else lives in the house}

    Mrs. B:
    What is the relationship like between your daughter and the girls? Are you and your husband looking to adopt the girls? Are you aware that Maria and her sisters are Catholic and have you asked their view on church-going? Are you aware of Maria’s medical issues and willing to provide her assistance in getting a medical examination?

    Ms. Mansfield:
    How is Maria doing in school? Is she adjusted well? How feasible is it that she would be able to enter the military? Do you know what the requirements would be besides scoring well on the ASFAB?

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    Amy Aynedjian

    Aunt Consuela:
    Maria tells me you need her help… what type of help are you looking for?
    How would you make sure Maria gets the medical care she needs for her diabetes (insulin, cgms, insulin pump and or needles) are you aware she has asthma and would your housing environment prevent her from relapses … is your home carpeted? Do you have any animals in or around your home that might trigger Maria’s asthma?
    What type of school will Maria attend if she lives with you? Catolicas?

    Miss Mansfield
    Maria speaks highly of you and trusts you… In which living situation do you think Maria would thrive ? Her current placement with the Beckers? Or would moving to El Salvador to live with her aunt be better? Or would she be better placed
    With the Valdezs, I’m sure she’s told you how she feels about each home.
    She expresses an interest in military service … was there an assembly at school that encouraged
    Her to think about this ? Would you recommend her joining the military?
    Has she discussed the Becker’s with you at all? She seems to not get along with their daughter , did she indicate any specific difficulties there ?

    Wow, you have your plate full with two little ones,
    Your own daughter and Maria. Have you and your husband considered adopting the girls? What do you know of Maria’s medical needs? How do you assist her with them? Does she comfortably discuss her diabetes and asthma with you?
    Is there a reason that Maria cannot attend the local Catholic parish? She could probably walk there from your house to attend mass.
    When Maria returns from visiting the Valdezs does she seem different ? And in what way? Happier? Sad? Withdrawn?

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    Peter Manuel

    Aunt Consuela:
    What is your financial situation? Would you be able to meet Maria’s medical needs? (Insulin etc is expensive, right?) Is your neighborhood safe?
    Mrs. B:
    Would you object to Maria going to her own church? It seems to be important to her. Would you be willing to adopt? Do you think her idea of joining the military is realistic? Do you enjoy having her around?
    Ms. Mansfield:
    Do you think Maria’s plan of joining the military is realistic? What is the status of her diabetes and asthma? How could she get legal residence status here, without being adopted?

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    Anastasia Warden

    Aunt Consuela –
    How many people live in your home? In what ways would you expect Maria to “help?” While helping you in the home, would Maria still have the ability to finish her education? How will you ensure she receives proper treatment and monitoring for both her Type 1 diabetes and Asthma? What opportunities do you think are available in your community for Maria after she finishes her education?

    Mrs B –
    Maria’s religious and cultural background differ from your family’s background. In what ways are you willing to support Maria’s Catholic faith? In what ways can you support her relationship with the Valdez family, in particular Lourdes? How do you perceive your daughter’s relationship with Maria? How would you like that relationship to look like? Are you willing to commit to adoption of Maria?

    Ms Mansfield –
    Is Maria an active member of her school community (Clubs? Friends? Attendance?) Do you think she is a strong candidate for the armed forces program available to her after high school? What has Maria shared with you regarding her feelings of the different religious culture pressed on her in her current placement?

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    Alondra Palacios

    Aunt Consuela:

    1. How would Maria be helping you?
    2. Who else lives with you?
    3. What is the nearest medical center?

    Mrs. B:

    1. How does your daughter get along with the girls?
    2. Are you opposed to Maria going to a church of her choosing?
    3. Are you interested in adopting the girls?

    Ms. Manfield:

    1. Do you think Maria wants to join the armed forces for the wrong reasons?
    2. Has Maria mentioned taking birth control and the reason for it?
    3. Have you spoken to Maria about her options once she graduates besides joining the armed forces?

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    mindy felixbrod

    Aunt Consuela: What kind of help do you need that Maria can help you with? How will this help make a difference? How have things improved since MArias family left so that Maria would not suffer the same fate as her Brother?
    Mrs. B: How have thing s been having Maria around? How Do the girls get along? Is there an idea you can think of for Maria to continue to practice her Catholic faith?
    Mrs. M: How ia Maria doing in school class and with other kids? How have you helped support her in joining the military?

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    Shama Thakkar

    Aunt Consuela:
    What is your financial situation? Who else resides with you? How far is the medical center from your home?
    Mrs. B:
    How do you feel about Maria attending a different Church? How is her relationship and interaction with the other children?
    Ms. Mansfield:
    What do you think about Maria’s desire in joining the military? What do you think her motivations are in joining the military?

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