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    What would you recommend for Marky Green?

    To stay with his parents or to be placed in care?

    Other recommendations?

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    Peter Manuel

    I would recommend that Marky continue to live with his parents as long as they understand that they must meet certain conditions. Marky may not be suffering from abuse, but the reported bruises might suggest otherwise and his teacher should be consulted often for further indications. His mother should be warned about hitting him, that Marky could be taken from her if it is determined that she is physically abusing him. Meanwhile, Marky’s basic MSL seems to be met, and he seems to be relatively well adjusted, speaks favorably of his parents, and gives no indication of wanting to separate from them. However, he is clearly suffering from neglect. His situation requires monitoring: parents, teachers, SW. Judy should be in some sort of counseling or therapy, and arrangements must be made to ensure that she is properly medicated, if she is bipolar. Somehow, the Greenes must be enjoined to maintain basic hygiene in their trailer, including using the shower. I would not necessarily explore options of moving Marky to the care of other relatives at this point.

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    Judith McGuinness

    I believe that Marky should remain in the home with his parents. It would be great if the in-home counseling included showing Judy how to properly maintain a clean environment. I feel that Judy definitely needs referrals for counseling and psychiatry for her mental illness. Marky might do well to get involved in either a sport or some activity so he can “learn to be a kid again”. Also, Roy needs to go to Gamblers Anonymous or another addiction support group (I like SMART Recovery, it’s CBT-based and covers all addictions) so the family would be able to afford food, clothing, cleaning products, treatment, medications.

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    Anastasia Warden

    I really really wouldn’t want to but, based on the information given, I would recommend he be placed in care. There are several recorded instances where the parents met minimum requirements (clean clothes, vaccination, food in the house) only once backed against the wall. I think, as mentioned by others, both parents should be evaluated for mental illness. Judy clearly suffers trauma from her own childhood experience and Roy seems to enable her destructive patterns. Roy may have a gambling problem based on Marky’s own answers. I have no doubt that Judy and Roy love Marky but they are unable to prioritize his needs appropriately. With regard to the bruises, it seems likely to me that Marky spends a lot of time unsupervised and those bruises could be the result of dangerous play. I also consider Marky’s fatigue a very real sign of neglect and do not see his current home situation changing enough, quickly enough to allow him proper rest (and security.)

    Another concern is Marky’s current school setting. Do his parents know he is in a special ed class? Why has no further testing been done to drill down to Marky’s actual learning disability? The lack of order in his home is also affecting his schoolwork as his homework goes missing. (I actually found some of the comments from the School Nurse and Teacher more shocking than those from his parents.)

    Finally, I think that placement in a resource home would allow Marky the space and support he needs to do his job – be a third grader. I think with him out of the home his parents may do the work necessary to develop habits that create a home setting allowing for reunification.

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    Cathy Skinner

    Although I do believe Markys parents love him deeply, their history does not bode well for them keeping him – UNLESS they get services. First on the list, I believe the mom needs to get therapy/medication for her bipolar disorder. I don’t think she means to neglect Marky. But, her condition does not allow her to focus on his needs. She has the highs and lows of this disease. During the highs, she’s manic. During the lows, Marky is taking care of HER! The fact that they had another child taken away speaks volumes. Again, I don’t think its intentional, just a product of her disease.

    As for school, it seems to me that because of the trauma at home, Marky is not getting the rest and nutrition he needs to concentrate and excel in school. Poor diet, hygiene and lack of respectable clothing all contribute to a feeling of isolation amongst his peers.

    If placed in a resource home temporarily, i believe Marky’s mental and physical health would improve with the access to proper care and attention to his educational needs . In addition, if it was mandated that his mother get help-i think that could solve many problems and lead to reunification

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    Amy Aynedjian

    I would recommend that Marky stay in the home as long as the improvements continue with Mom getting Regulated on medication and given her own therapy. She does suffer from the highs and the lows of her disease and Marky at a young age seems to understand her need to be taken care of . Dad admits that “I just don’t know if Judy can take it” that maybe referring to the caregiving required to keep Marky home with them. Dad needs to spend more time at home. He definitely escapes through work and poker.
    I believe they can keep it together if they continue to receive intervention from outside resources and commit to maintaining a relatively healthy environment for Marky. I’m recommending a regular bedtime routine with an earlier bedtime and he should be receiving breakfast and lunch at school so he will only need one meal prepared at home in the evening. This family needs to be carefully watched by The caseworker and Monica. The budget sounds positive and maybe Judy could leave the trailer to meet with a social group in order to meet her needs to get out of the trailer.
    Marky needs to keep meeting with the mentor and school needs to have the child study team properly diagnose what I believe to be a learning disability which a reading specialist Should be able to assist with not a sentence to special ed class forever.

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    Alondra Palacios

    I recommend that Marky remains with his parents under the condition that his parents get services. Both of the parents need a psychological assessment. I believe the mother might have undealt trauma from her experience with CPS as a child. Her bipolar disorder needs to be assessed to determine the right medications and treatment. Marky’s father sounds like he may have a gambling problem so he should go to Gambler’s Anonymous. Marky should also get a psychological assessment done because he has endured bullying in school and has also become a “parentified” child. Marky needs an updated IEP so that he can receive the correct resources from school. The family should continue working with the intensive in-home family therapist to address all the housekeeping and hygiene issues.

    I would recommend looking into possible relatives that might want to foster Marky as a safety net. I don’t think the maternal grandmother would be a good fit because of her long history with CPS but maybe Marky’s uncle would want to take him in.

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    Suzanne Doll

    At this time, I believe Marky should remain in the home, but only with additional services in place. Mom needs to be in treatment for her bi-polar disorder/trauma history. She may benefit from medication and needs to comply with treatment recommendations. Dad needs to have a random drug screen/substance abuse evaluation as he may have a drinking problem based on Marky’s report. In addition, dad may also have a gambling problem and may need intervention as money appears to be an issue for the family. I would also like to talk to Marky’s mentor, Mr. Smith, and get his impression of Marky’s overall development. The school needs to evaluate Marky and update his IEP as usually there are standard time frames for re-evaluations. I was concerned regarding the schools response to Marky’s situation as he is bullied in school. An advocate may be beneficial to ensure Marky’s academic needs are met. Marky also needs his own therapy and mom/dad need to make sure he attends appointments.

    If the family is given the opportunity to follow through with recommendations and does not, then I would be in favor of removal as the family has a history of noncompliance. I would also be sure to engage the family in the process as this family also seems to have a history of moving, which may be how they deal with what they perceive as “interference in their life”.

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    mindy felixbrod

    I would recommend that Marky stay at home– I think it would be traumatic for him to be removed. I think he needs a good IEP evaluation so he can succeed in school – maybe dyslexia or whatever is interfering with his reading– that will be the key to his self esteem and getting ahead. I think that the father and mother can support each other with the understanding that the show has to available for use regularly for Marky and I believe that even Marky could help himself at his age with his own food and helping to clean the place- maybe a budget for the dad on food- and cleaning?

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    Shama Thakkar

    I would recommend that Marky stay at home, as removing him would most likely be emotionally traumatic. It would be beneficial if the mother receives treatment for her mental health issues. Additionally, the father should be screened for drug usage.

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